International MicroBrew Symposium - drinktec, Munich, September 2017

Madrid, 18 de Agosto de 2017. The European MicroBrew Symposium has been conducted very successfully in cooperation with the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg during the recent years. In order to comply with the global aspiration of the drinktec, the focus of the event was extended from European to the International MicroBrew Symposium, this year.

The International MicroBrew Symposium of the VLB Berlin takes place in Munich on 11th September 2017.

MicroBrew 2017 online PDF

This year's lecture program covers the different areas of beer production on a smaller but professional scale. Experts from both science and practice will focus their contributions on future trends in the Craft beer markets, how filtration affects cold-brewed beer or how small breweries work efficiently with different recipes. Other presentations cover working safety risks and their avoidance in craft breweries, how to save resources by process optimization or the production of special beers with special yeasts. Following the international character of the symposium, Carl Setzer, Great Leap Brewing, Beijing, China, and Christian Artzner, Brasserie Perle, Strasbourg, Fance, report on the success stories of their Craft breweries. Holger Meier, Author, Podcaster and Beer Salesman from South Africa, provides an overview of the lively craft beer scene in southern Africa.